Brilliant on and off the strip

Congratulations to Oregon Fencing Alliance's three National Merit Scholar Semifinalists, Oregon Episcopal School seniors David Fang and Maxfield Parson-Sherban, and Lincoln High senior Sydney Dunn.  With Fang and Parson-Sherban, our fencing club is home to two of our Oregon Episcopal School’s four Merit Scholar semifinalists. We are so proud of all their academic achievements. Fencers rock!

First fall Progressive is in the books

We had a nice crowd of OFA fencers at our first fall Progressive Tournament on Sept. 22. And once everyone was outfitted and registered with USA Fencing, we had some spirited fencing.

Our medalists were:

Y10: Maks S, GOLD; Jack F, SILVER; Kai O, BRONZE.
Y12: Vasko A, GOLD; Hyder C, SILVER; Sophia S, BRONZE.
Y14: Mukund S, GOLD; Vasko A, SILVER; Sophia S, BRONZE.

Cadet: Will A, GOLD; Brandon C, SILVER; Siobhan S, BRONZE; Howard C, BRONZE.

Open: Mariel Zagunis, GOLD; Austin S, SILVER; Max PS, BRONZE; Will A, BRONZE.

Great work, everybody! Be proud of your results and take the lessons of today to practice this week. The full results are here.

USA Fencing recognizes regional winners

Congratulations to our Regional Recognition Program patch winners for 2017-2018. The article from USA Fencing with the full list of winners by region is here.

Here are our winners:

Y10MS: Vasko A, GOLD; Hyder C, SILVER; Maks S, BRONZE.
Y10WS: Sophia S, GOLD; Rayaana G, BRONZE.
Y12WS: Siobhan S, GOLD; Keona B, BRONZE.
Y14MS: Kaiana K, SILVER.

Y14WS: Siobhan S, GOLD;, Sophia C, BRONZE.

Placement was determined by the best three finishes in RYC events in our region for the 2017-2018 season.

Siobhan S is one of twelve fencers nationally who won two or more patches.