First fall Progressive is in the books

We had a nice crowd of OFA fencers at our first fall Progressive Tournament on Sept. 22. And once everyone was outfitted and registered with USA Fencing, we had some spirited fencing.

Our medalists were:

Y10: Maks S, GOLD; Jack F, SILVER; Kai O, BRONZE.
Y12: Vasko A, GOLD; Hyder C, SILVER; Sophia S, BRONZE.
Y14: Mukund S, GOLD; Vasko A, SILVER; Sophia S, BRONZE.

Cadet: Will A, GOLD; Brandon C, SILVER; Siobhan S, BRONZE; Howard C, BRONZE.

Open: Mariel Zagunis, GOLD; Austin S, SILVER; Max PS, BRONZE; Will A, BRONZE.

Great work, everybody! Be proud of your results and take the lessons of today to practice this week. The full results are here.