Looking for a fun, action-packed and unique birthday party, or a team-building event for your business or organization? Then have your next party or other special function at our fencing gym.

OFA is available for parties, family gatherings, and team-building events to experience the fun and excitement of fencing. If your kids are into sword-play and would be thrilled to suit up in real fencing gear, consider a party at our club, which is conveniently located at Oregon Episcopal School. You bring the cake and beverages, we provide the games, the equipment and the fencing fun.

The price is $175 for up to 10 participants, and an additional $10 per person over 10. Maximum of 25 persons please.

Participants should wear comfortable clothes, shorts or long pants, and athletic-type shoes.

Call Cathy Zagunis, program director, at 503-467-9891 or email info@oregonfencing.com today to arrange your date and time!