Why fencing is different from other youth sports

Our friends at the Academy of Fencing Masters have written a good piece on what makes fencing stand out from soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and other youth sports. They write:

The way that fencers learn the sport is totally different than most other sports. Fencers learn in a two-pronged way – group classes and private lessons. Group lessons offer fencers the chance to learn alongside other fencers and to practice on the strip with athletes of a similar skill level. Group fencing classes are guided closely by coaches.

Private lessons on other side is 1-on-1 instruction session with a fencing coach. In a private lesson the coach teaches different elements of technique per individual needs of a fencer and based on their skill level. Private lessons are essential part of fencing education and you cannot skip it for a long if you want to make a real progress.

Think about it this way – a few hundred years ago you trusted your sword to defend your life. Would you be confident in your skills to protect yourself without getting private lessons with a fencing master and then practicing with your opponents in a training session? It’s a model that works.

Read their whole post here.