OFA strikes gold and silver in Sofia


RESULTS! Etropolski's Sabre. Sofia Cadet Circuit European Cup. November 17-18, 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Despite travel delays due to weather on the East Coast, nearly all American fencers made it to the competition.

Here are individual and team results of OFA fencers.

CMS: Will A, 71; Iain D, 85.
CWS: Neve H, 16; Anna L, 35; Vivian L, 50, Nina H, 59T
CTmMS: USA 1 (Will A), GOLD; USA 4 (Iain D), 45.
CTmWS: USA 2 (Neve H), SILVER; USA 3 (Vivian L), 12.

Congratulations to all our fencers.