Membership Information

Oregon Fencing Alliance promotes excellence in both competitive and community fencing. With classes in sabre, OFA appeals to all ages and experience levels - OFA members range from Olympic and world champions to beginner, intermediate, advanced, and recreational fencers.

If you would like to join OFA, please download the membership application from our forms section and mail or fax it to us. OFA does not accept online registrations.

Membership Fees

Class Day and Level Cost per Month
Initiation Fee
One time only per family billed on 3rd month after starting
Saturday Beginners Level 2
Includes all equipment except knickers
Monday Youth Development
Includes up to four additional classes per month
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Youth Competitive
Youth Development and Youth Competitive Fencers
Additional classes added beyond tuition rate above
$10.00 per class
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Junior Competitive
Includes Tuesday Fencing Fitness class and up to four Advanced level classes
Fencers attending additional Advanced level classes $15.00 per class
Monday-Friday Advanced-Elite Class
Includes Tuesday Fencing Fitness class
Tuesday Adult Recreational Class
Promotional offer 4@$10 per class for the first four if new to the club
$15.00 per class;
Tuesday Fencing Fitness Class, 5:15-6:15
Drop-ins welcome
Floor Fee
For those taking private lessons only and no class participation
$35.00 per class
Alumni Members
Former full-time OFA members in college or college graduates
Sustaining Membership for age 18+
Provides eligibility to nominate someone to board of directors, vote in board elections or serve on board
International Training Program
for non-U.S. citizens
  •  Monthly membership dues are based on a calendar month. There is no prorating for partial month attendance.
  • Medical Leave of Absence will be granted with a doctor's excuse.
  • Monthly dues will be waived for an extended leave of absence of two months or more only when advance notice has been given to OFA in writing.
  • Late fee policy is printed on your monthly invoice. Please be aware that payments are due on or before the 20th of each month.

Lesson Fees

Semi-private/small group $450.00
20 minute lesson $45.00
30 minute lesson $50.00
  • If you do not call to cancel your lesson and are a no-show, you will be billed for the lesson. Please remember and have the courtesy to call your coach to cancel in time and to re-schedule.
  • Membership dues are billed by calendar month.
  • Dues are not pro-rated for partial attendance.
  • Dues will only be waived if missing 3 calendar months or more and will be granted upon written notification received 15 days prior to scheduled leave of absence.