Ed Korfanty - OFA Head Coach

Maestro Ed Korfanty
Head Coach
U.S. National Women's Sabre Coach
3x World Champion

Phone: 503-452-8267

U.S. Fencing Coaches Association Distinguished Merit Award for International Coaching - Coach of the Year 2005

  • U.S. Olympic Committee - Coach of the Year, 2000, 2003, 2004

  • U.S. Fencing Association - Coach of the Year 2003

  • USFA Western Region Developmental Coach of the Year, 1997

  • 2006 World Champion - Men's Veteran Sabre 50+

  • 2004 Silver Medalist - Veteran'sWorld Championships - Men's Sabre

  • 2003 World Champion - Men's Veteran Sabre 50+

  • 2002 World Champion - Men's Veteran Sabre 50+

Ed Korfanty was born in Poland. He started fencing at age 16. He quickly developed into a top ranked fencer in Poland and fenced a number of years on the Polish Junior and Senior National Teams. In this era, the Polish team was considered to be one of the strongest contingencies in the world. Mr. Korfanty graduated from the renowned Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland with a master's degree in Physical Education and a Master of Fencing degree. By 1984 he had become the head coach at the Olympic Center in Katowice, Poland and coach of the Polish National Team. Under his guidance the Polish team flourished and in 1989 he received the award from the Minister of Sport and Culture in Poland for excellent achievements in sport. In 1990 Coach Korfanty immigrated to the United States and became assistant fencing coach at the University of Notre Dame.

In 1993 he was recruited by Colleen Olney (mother of Michael and Robert Marx), to come to the Oregon Fencing Alliance (OFA) as Head Coach, along with the Head Coach position at the Oregon Episcopal School, in Portland, Oregon. Colleen Olney was coaching and developing OFA into a powerful center of fencing in all 3 weapons of sabre, foil and epee.

Maestro Korfanty’s first student to make historical progress in U.S. fencing was Seth Kelsey. As a cadet epee fencer, Kelsey made the Cadet, Junior and Senior US National teams in epee in one season. No fencer prior to this had made three different age group national teams in the same season. Under his direction, the Oregon Fencing Alliance Club moved to become a one weapon club in 2000, concentrating solely on sabre fencing. The accomplishments of his students have been extraordinary and unmatched, not only in the history of US fencing but in the history of World fencing. His students have won more World Championship medals under his tutelage and set an unprecedented marker for others to admire.

His students have won more than 41 World Championship Medals, 2 Olympic Gold Medals (2008 Beijing, 2004 Athens) and 3 Olympic Bronze Medals (2008 Beijing). Additionally with Ed as National Coach, the US Women’s Sabre team has won 5 Gold medals in the Team World Championships. Add the individual and team medals won at the World Championships and the medal count increases by 9.

His most recognized student is Mariel Zagunis who started her fencing career with him at age 10 and continues under his tutelage. She has won an unprecedented 3 individual World Championship Gold medals (Cadet in 2001, Junior in 2001, Junior in 2005) and the first OLYMPIC Gold medal for US fencing since the era of modern fencing. In 2008 Ms. Zagunis won her second Olympic Champion title in Beijing, successfully defending her title. She has been a member of all 5 teams that won World Championship Gold medals for US Fencing. In 2006 Ms. Zagunis also won the NCAA female sabre championship title. Other notable students include Caitlin Thompson - 2004 Cadet World Champion, Rebecca Ward: 2005 FIE overall Jr. World Champion - 2006 Cadet World Champion - 2006 Jr. World Champion - 2006 Jr. World Team Champion member, Patrick Ghattas and William Thanhouser.

He continues to be recognized internationally by his students being honored as the World Cup FIE holder in Junior Women’s sabre for the last 4 consecutive years. The US Women’s sabre team won the FIE team World Cup honor in 2003, and the 2005 World Championships in Germany.


Adam Skarbonkiewicz
Assistant Coach

Phone: 719-271-9168

Adam Skarbonkiewicz was the U.S. National Saber Champion in 1996. He has over 15 years of competitive experience and more than 20 years of coaching experience. As a teenager in Poland he was a student of our Head Coach Ed Korfanty. Adam came to the United States and would become the #1 U.S. ranked fencer from 1994-97. He won 11 North American Cups between 1994-99. Adam qualified to the U.S. Olympic team in 1996 but disappointingly was unable to convert his citizenship in time for the entry deadline.

Adam first came to the Oregon Fencing Alliance in 1994 as a competitive fencer by way of Poland and Rochester Fencing Center. He retired from competitive fencing to become our Assistant Coach from 1996-2005. During this time he also led the Oregon Episcopal School fencing programs. In 2005 Adam became Assistant Fencing Coach at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

He returned to OFA in the summer of 2012 as our Assistant Coach. Adam has completed the Master of Coaching/Fencing receiving his degree from the University of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland and received a BS from Portland State University. He enjoys windsurfing and tennis and also exploring new activities with his wife, Brynn, and his three children, Max, Magda, and Milena.


Ian Farr
Assistant Coach


Ian Farr, who will join OFA full-time on Aug. 1 2018, has a strong coaching background from the club to the college level, and a deep connection with our club, Portland and Head Coach Ed Korfanty. Ian is coming to us from the Midwest Fencing Club in Chicago, where he’s been head coach. 

Ian, who grew up in Portland, was an OFA fencer and trained under Coach Korfanty until he joined the saber team at Penn State University in 2003. He was an NCAA All-American in 2004 and in 2007, when Penn State won the NCAA National Championship.

He began his coaching career in 2009, when he led the women’s saber team at Northwestern University. In 2010 Ian joined the coaching staff at the University of Notre Dame, and over four years coached nine Irish saber All-Americans. Since 2014, he has been the head coach at the Midwest Fencing Club, mentoring youth fencers and coaching at regional events, NACs and international competitions. One of his fencers qualified and competed at the 2017 Men's Saber Cadet World Championships. 

Ian has a master’s degree in sports administration. He and his wife, Sara, have a daughter, Violet.

Anna Anguelova Atanassov
Assistant Coach

Phone: 503-957-8998

Anna Anguelova Atanassov has been with OFA since 2000. She was a member of the Bulgarian National Fencing Team from 1985 to 1999 and then again in 2001. She was Olympic team member representing Bulgaria and their team captian from 1990-98. She is a graduate of the National Academy of Sport in Sofia with a degree as Physical Fitness teacher and a Masters in Fencing. Although Anna's first love is foil, she has enjoyed adapting to sabre and brings enthusiasm and high energy to all her classes.



Cathy Zagunis
Director of Programs & Media Relations

Phone: 503-880-3512