The following code of conduct outlines behavior and expectations of all members of the Oregon Fencing Alliance

  1. Be respectful while fencing and in your daily life. Lose with honor and win with dignity.
  2. Do not appear on the strip with defective equipment or with a dirty uniform.
  3. Respect and protect the venue: do not damage walls, floor or strips. Do not hit the wall, floor or strip with your point or blade.
  4. Do not throw any equipment under any circumstance. Respect club equipment as your own property. Before leaving the Salle, put away your equipment in your locker. Hang up your fencing jacket and pick up any trash in locker room.
  5. When entering the Salle, greet the Fencing Master and all members; do not interrupt lessons or bouts. Leaving the Salle, give your regards to the Fencing Master and other members before you leave.
  6. If you are late for a class, join the class with the least amount of disruption. If you can't make a class, practice or scheduled lesson, let your coach know ahead of time.
  7. Experienced fencers are encouraged to fence and teach less experienced fencers while on the strip. No fencer is to refuse an invitation to fence.
  8. Safety is very important; always check your equipment for defects in gloves, masks, uniforms and blades. Never aim your weapon at anyone who is unmasked or unprotected. Always keep your weapons pointed downward when carrying them around.
  9. At the end of a bout, shake your opponent's hand with your free hand.
  10. Never argue with a referee, opponent, coach or instructor.
  11. Do not try to unfairly influence others to give you an advantage, such as throwing a bout, giving touches or tampering with your equipment.
  12. Active members of OFA agree to take any lessons exclusively from OFA coaches- recognizing the need for consistency of training, effective monitoring of progress, and developing a strong student-coach relationship. Should active members wish to take lessons outside of OFA, they will discuss this with their OFA coach for his/her approval.

Fencers who don't comply with this code of conduct may be subject to sanctions; exclusion from fencing activities, no fencing lessons or expulsion from the club. Repeat violations will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.